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Online Gravity Sports Database

      Welcome to Gravity DB. The purpose of this site is to give Gravity Sport enthusiasts a place to share information with other people who share their adrenaline addiction

This database contains athletes from the following countries
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The Gravity DB Messageboard is online. Use the following two links to access it.
You need to be a member to post to the messageboard but it is free and open to all.

Gravity Sports Messageboards

My Powered Streetluge Project

March 26, 2006 103mph Run Video Clip

Streetluge 101
Have you gotten your copy of the NEW Streetluge 101 DVD??? Use the links below
to purchase what will surly be the hottest selling items to hit Gravity Sports in a long time.
Street Luge 101 is an instructional how-to video made with the newbie in mind.

FLA really does have hills, no it's true - I headed south, way south to the land of sun and streetluging in Florida?

Fun Run in Maryland and Speed Need Hill - I headed south west for some Sunday streetluging on the Appalachian Trail.

Athlete's with Bios

New -      The Gravity DB Athlete Bio area is now online. This area is designed for athletes to add more information on themselves including Statements, Goals, Race Results, Media Coverage, Additional Sponsors, Events they plan to attend and more. You can also add links to pictures you have stored on the Internet. This is a dynamic area so you can choose different headers, backgrounds and the information that you want to be displayed. It also takes advantage of the information you have already entered into your Gravity DB profile so you only have to add additional information.

     These Bios are linked into the Gravity DB Athletes area and in the top of the Bio update form there is a link that you can use to access your Bio without going through the Gravity DB web site. This gives everyone who does not have access to storage or the knowledge of how to create one a way of having a web page on the Internet for promoting themselves, their sponsors and gravity sports in general.

     To create your online Bio you must be a member of the Gravity DB web site or you can join. Click on the button "Members Login" in the upper right if you are a member or to join click on the "New Member" botton in the upper right hand corner. After logging in you will be in the Athletes Directory Update Form. There you will find an Add/Update Bio button. Push it and you will be in the Bio Directory Update Form. Fill in the information, select a few options and your Bio is done.

     Feedback on the Gravity DB web site is always welcome.

New - Location Scouting Form get all the information down in one place. In Acrobat PDF file you can be accessed using Acrobat Reader

New - Members can now add, update and delete Feedback on Locations that they have ridden by logging in to their accounts.

New - I have added an Ads section the the Gravity DB database for members to add For Sale and Wanted ads. Take a look New Ads Area

New - I created this wheel data calculater to easily calculate data on the wheels I have been trying out. It calculates the wheel circumference and gives you speeds at 1,000rpm, 5,000rpm, 10,000rpm and 15,000rpm. Give it a try.

Hill Dropping with Ivy Nye -I recently headed south west for some Saturday morning streetluging. Ivy Nye invited a group down to drop one of his hills that turned out to be two hills in one.

Wheeling WV Fun Run - I recently had the chance to go the Wheeling WV and run with a group that Wally a.k.a Old 97 got together. Great group, great hills! It was the best time I've ever had Streetluging. Here are some of the pictures and highlight

Ebay    Auctions / Classifieds Sites    - I've added a site so everyone can check Ebay and some of the Classifieds sites from one place.

Some of the CAD drawlings I have created for different Streetluge items.

     This is a live database open to Gravity Sport enthusiasts. You must become a member to add Locations and Events. To become a member click the New Member icon in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

Locations - Enter your favorite locations into the database so others can find places to go

Events - Are you headed out this weekend or planning an event? Enter an event into the database so others can join you

I welcome suggestions! The links are not open so if you have a link you would like me to add please email the address to Admin

Icon Reference:

   Rider Ability:
      Banana, Beginner, Amateur and Professional
Rider Ability: Banana, Beginner, Amateur and Professional
   Max Speed Reached:
      Indicates the max speed a rider has reached
      or reached at a location
Max Speed Reached: Indicates the max speed a rider has reached at a location
   Event Status:
      On, Posponed or Canceled
Event Status: On, Posponed and Canceled

Looking to try a Streetluge on for size? Take a look at Bob Pereyra's
SLED (Street Luge Education and Development) program
and take a Street Luge Test Ride.

Here are definition to some of the Gravity Sports Terms

Abec Bearing Rating Information Abec Rating

Wedge setup up for adjusting the steering characteristics of your trucks Wedge Setup

CAD drawlings that have been converted to an Acrobat PDF file for the internet
and can be accessed using Acrobat Reader

File Description Printing Instructions
Fender Streetluge Fender pattern Print in landscape on 8.5 X 14 paper
Truck Hole Drilling Guide Streetluge Fender pattern Print in landscape on 8.5 X 11 paper

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